Our carriers ship millions of packages a day. Unfortunately, there are some issues from time to time, such as loss of tracking, delayed tracking, etc. In most cases, orders are recovered and delivered. In the event of a lost package, we can help you with the claims process.
Note: ShipBob does not cover the cost of replacement orders.

Tracking Updates:

Read more on how to view tracking information.

  • Once an order has tracking information, it is guaranteed that it has left our FCs.
  • Our carriers do NOT scan each package upon pick-up at the FC. First tracking updates and scans are done at the carrier's facilities. These updates often take several business days to occur.
  • You can also subscribe for order updates and get notifications as soon as the tracking information is updated.
  • If an order does not ever get tracking updates, we will follow our No Carrier Tracking policy.

No Carrier Tracking Policy:

If an order is labeled and doesn't get tracking updates within 5 business days we will apply a credit for the manufacturing cost of the items lost and also a credit of the fulfillment cost. A claim cannot be filed in this case.

Filing Claims: 

Before you file a claim please be aware of the following:

1. Domestic Shipments: No tracking updates for 15 days.
2. International and Military (APO, DPO, and FPO) Shipments: No tracking updates for 30 days (all carriers, except DHL Express, UPS Express).
3. Standard Carrier Options (DHL Global Mail, UPS Mail Innovations, USPS services): Delivery confirmation to the destination address is limited to some countries and your country/area may not have delivery confirmation available. Please see the scan rates for international shipments below:

Scan rate: 95 -100%
Belarus, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE

Scan rate: 90%-95%:
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Israel, South Korea

Scan rate: 80-90%:
Czech Republic, France, India, Oman, United Kingdom

For international shipments, please check with the buyer. We must wait for 30 days of no tracking activity and receive a written confirmation from your buyer that the shipment was not received before filing a claim.

4. ShipBob will not file a claim for orders marked as "Delivered" or has a final scan. 

5. Delivery time estimation (as provided by carriers): 

  • Standard Carrier options: 7-30 business days
  • Expedited carrier options: 2-4 business days

Note: This is only an estimation. Other reasons like weather or national holidays can cause additional delays. 

6. All claims filed through ShipBob for packages lost or damaged in transit must be filed within 90 DAYS of the ORIGINAL ship date. Any claims submitted after this time frame will not be valid for processing or reimbursement due to limitations on when claims are accepted for approval by the carriers.

Additional Info:

You can add signature requirement at delivery.

How to File a Claim? Click here for more info.

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