Inventory Levels: ShipBob doesn’t update inventory levels on WooCommerce.

Changed API token: if you change your WooCommerce API token, the connection will be broken.

Firewalls on your Wordpress site: certain firewall issues can arise that disable our ability to connect to WooCommerce's API. Contact your Wordpress Admin if you cannot sync orders.

Tracking Upload: ShipBob updates the tracking number once it is uploaded to our system by the carrier. Issues with uploading the tracking number can occur for several reasons.

  1. Merchant tried to uninstall/re-install the ShipBob app on WooCommerce.

  2.  An order that contains a bundle and got split at the packaging station.

Orders Not Syncing: 

  1. Check the Start shipping date (Quick Setup → Account Settings). Make sure the orders are valid to be imported.

  2. Check if Fetch Orders feature if is on (= the checkbox is marked).At the Orders page, search for the orders by the order ID # from the store. 

  3. Check all tabs: Processing, Exception, On-Hold and Canceled.

Products Not Syncing

  1. Syncing products may take some time depending on the amount SKUs you are importing. Please be patient.

  2. Still can't see them? Search for the title or SKU on the products page. Make sure to search for the product on all tabs: Active, Inactive, Digital and Bundle.

  3. If you had changed security tokens on your store, the sync process will not work. Please reach our merchant care team for more instructions.

Wrong Items in the Order: 

  1. We identify products from Woocommerce by their SKU. Each product should have it’s own SKU. If you change/add SKU to a product (after you synced it to the ShipBob dashboard) it will create a new product. In this case, you need to merge the new product with the original one to make sure the order is processed.

  2. Same SKU for different products. On Woocommerce it is possible to add the same SKU for different products if you do that we will not import one of them. Make sure you have a unique SKU for each product.  

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