We want to help make international shipping as simple as possible and ensure pricing consistency. 

Previously, each ship option could map to either domestic or international. This caused errors when international destination orders came in but were mapped to domestic-only services (e.g., USPS Media Mail). As an effort to bring more transparency and predictability to your shipping costs, we are consolidating and standardizing our ship options to the following:

Changes will go into effect on Monday, October 7, 2019. 

  • International-Standard: Includes DHL Global Mail, UPS MI, UPS, DHL Express, FedEx, USPS, typically a 3-14 day delivery.

  • International-Expedited: Includes UPS, DHL Express, and FedEx, typically a 1-6 day delivery.

The shipping option for international orders will be determined by the domestic shipping mapping, according to the following table:

Your Shopify store has a shipping method called “Free Shipping”. You see it in your Ship Option Mapping page, and you map it to ShipBob’s “Priority” domestic ship option. This will automatically update the International ship option to “Standard”.

Learn how to set up and manage all shipping options here!

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