ACH is a payment option in which we debit directly from your checking or savings account.

ACH can benefit you as a merchant in two main ways:

  1. Because credit cards can fail when invoice amounts are too high and surpass credit limits, ACH reduces the chance of failed shipments due to failed payments. Failed payments prevent orders from being fulfilled, creating delays to when your customers receive their orders.

  2. It moves your payment cycle from daily to weekly payments. If you move to ACH, we will automatically change your payment cycle to weekly payments, charging your bank account on a weekly basis instead of charging your credit card on a daily basis.

Note: ACH is only relevant for US banks. Please check with our merchant care team to see if your bank is part of that network.

Note: If ACH is enabled for your account (as indicated on the Payment Details page), follow the instructions below to link your bank account. If you would like to request ACH to be enabled for your account, please reach out to ShipBob Support

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Your Account > Payment Details.

Click Link ACH Account. Note: For the button to appear, you need to remove your credit card details (if exist). 

Select your bank from the list. You will be automatically redirected to the login page of your bank account. Insert your bank login information, and choose account from which you want ShipBob to process payments. 

4. Once linked, you will see your linked bank information under the Payment Details tab. That means we will charge your bank account.

Participating Banks:

Current bank partners include:

  • Chase

  • Bank of America

  • Wells Fargo

  • Citi

  • US bank

  • Capital One

  • PNC

  • USAA

  • TD Bank

  • SunTrust

  • Regions

  • Navy Federal

  • BB&T

  • charles SCHWAB

  • Fidelity

  • Citizens Bank

  • Huntington

  • Betterment


ShipBob will process owed balance directly from the linked bank account. As ACH payments take 3-5 days, the transaction amount will move to new status of "Pending Balance". Once the transaction has successfully gone through. the pending balance will be reduced by the amount transferred from your account. See the example below: 

If the transaction fails, then your outstanding balance owed to ShipBob will increase by the amount that failed to be processed. If the transaction fails, then your bank account will be removed from our system and all orders move to on hold. At this point you can add credit card to process the payment and ensure that orders go out.  All transactions will state the payment source: credit card or ACH.

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