The delivery address is the most important information on your package. Including all necessary information in the proper fields will ensure the carrier can successfully deliver the shipment to its intended destination!

By default, ShipBob use automatic address validation tools to make sure your packages are arriving their destination, this includes (in some cases) correcting the shipping addresses.

If you don't want ShipBob to make any corrections to order addresses, you can change your account settings and disable this feature. You can disable for US orders, non-US orders or both. This means that as long as we can purchase a label we will ship the order and will not make any overrides or corrections to the address.

Important Notes:

  • This will apply to all orders in the ShipBob dashboard.

  • In the case that we can't purchase a label, we will place the order on-hold.

  • Please be aware: In case you disable the auto-correct and edit an address in the dashboard after it's imported it will go through address validation.

From the dashboard click Account Settings >> Shipment Settings. To disable the auto-correction un-check the relevant box. There are separate boxes for US and non-US addresses, so please make sure you are enabling/disabling correctly. Once finished click Save Changes.

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