Integrate with ShipBob:

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Quick Setup. Then, Click on Store Integration. Then Choose BigCommerce.

To link your store with ShipBob you need to insert the following details: 

  • API Path

  • Client ID

  • Access Token 

Log in to your store on BigCommerce by clicking BigCommerce Store Login link. From your BigCommerce dashboard click Advanced Settings on the left-hand menu.

Now Click API Accounts and click Create API Account.

Enter the store name in the name field. Please use a name that indicated this API belongs to ShipBob. 

Then, change existing settings as follows:

  • Select Modify for Orders, Order Transactions and Products.

  • Select Read-Only for Customers, Content and Information and Settings.

Now click Save.

Once you click save, the following screen will appear with the information needed to complete the integration process. In addition, a txt. file containing this information will download automatically. We highly recommend you to save this file as you will not be able to retrieve it afterward.

Copy the relevant information to the matching boxes on your ShipBob dashboard and click Link Store Now.

Once you've completed linking your store Sync Products to the ShipBob Dashboard.

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