The notifications panel displays the most important issues and action items you should know. Take action by clicking Resolve/View or click Dismiss to clear the notification from your panel. 

Notification types: 

Billing Error: Please update your payment method to avoid shipping delays! Your payment method has failed to process. Click Resolve to view and update your payment method.  

New On-hold Receiving item: Take action to avoid further receiving delays! Your inbound shipment had moved to on-hold receiving status. Click Resolve to view all boxes/pallets in On-Hold receiving.  

Receiving completed: Your inventory from Warehouse Receiving Order #[ID] is now fulfillable. Your WRO is completed, and your inventory is ready for fulfillment. Click View to see the WRO details.

Additional Info:

The notification panel displays 3 notification at a time. Once you solve an issue or dismiss it, the notification will disappear from your panel. If you have more than 3 notifications, click on View All Notifications to see all.  

If you don't have any notifications, you will see the following message:

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