Work orders are your way to request inventory-related tasks from our operations team. In ShipBob, we have 4 types of work orders:

  • Kitting: Create ready-to-ship kits. Kits are placed back into storage. (many SKUs >> one SKU)

  • De-Kitting: Break down a kitted product to its individual items (one SKU >> many SKUs). Only previously built kits.

  • Breakdown Case: Breakdown inventory from a case into single units (one SKU >> one SKU).

  • Disposal/Donation: Dispose of inventory on hand/Donate to charitable organizations.

Creating a Work Order:

The best way to ensure that your Work Order is performed to your specifications and completed on time is to provide complete and detailed instructions in the relevant form. 

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Inventory and then Work Orders. 

Click on the relevant work order and then click Next

Fill out the form. For specific instructions for each form. please click the relevant link below. 

You can upload attachments or add special instructions if needed. Once you finish, click the Submit Request button.

Once you submit your Work Order request, an order form is created automatically. In addition, for kitting/de-kitting and case breakdown, we will also create a WRO so we can receive and process the inventory. WRO ID will appear on the order details page under Notes > Special SKU Instructions.

Important Note: If you copy an old Work Order, we can't automatically process it and it will not create a WRO as needed. Please fill out and submit a new form for each work order.  

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