Warehouse Receiving Orders (WROs) are essential for our team to identify shipments and accurately receive inventory. 

WROs are generated in the dashboard and physical copies should be printed and attached to each incoming box or pallet. 

In the case that you or your manufacturer do not attach the WROs or your manufacturer claims they cannot attach a physical WRO to each shipment, we have the following process to get the shipment received: 

  1. The shipment will move to on-hold receiving and will be assigned an Unidentified Receiving Order (URO) number. You can view this in the dashboard under Inventory > On-Hold receiving and you will also receive an email alert. 

  2. You will need to create the WRO and link it to the URO ID in the dashboard. Your inventory will be received within 3-5 days once the WRO is linked. Instructions on how to do this are located here.

*Note: Even if the WRO is already created in the dashboard, there is no way to bypass the on-hold receiving process if the WRO is not physically attached. Please prepare accordingly for the longer processing time by sending inventory as early as possible. See here  for how to set re-order points and notifications in the dashboard for each warehouse you have inventory. These will alert you when stock is running low! 

**Shipments that arrive with different items and/or quantities than listed on WRO will also go through the on-hold receiving process described above.

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