The ability to merge products is designed to help manage multiple SKUs from multiple platforms while maintaining inventory for the primary SKU only. For example, if you sell a blue t-shirt on Shopify and you sell the same blue t-shirt on Amazon you should merge them on the ShipBob dashboard so we know it is the same identical product and manage the inventory accordingly. 

Merging should also be used for products with multiple SKUs sold on the same platform. For example, if you have a subscription model, where the same product is sold for different prices it should be merged on the ShipBob dashboard (if the product still has the same SKU, no need to merge).

Merge Items:

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Inventory and then click Products.

Select products to be merged by marking the checkbox next to the item name. Then click on the green Actions button and choose Merge Items from the drop-down list.

Review and confirm items to be merged. Click Yes to confirm.

On the product details page, scroll down to see all items merged under the parent item. 

From the product details page you can add items to the merge or un-merge items.

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