We are scaling our fulfillment centers throughout the network and expanding into new locations to provide additional services. If we are transferring your inventory, you will be notified via email.

Next Monday, we are transferring inventory from Cicero, IL to our new center in, Woodridge, IL (roughly 25 miles away), starting on April 17th through June 16th. While Cicero is still operational, no new WROs to Cicero will be accepted starting May 1st. 

We anticipate up to 1 business day of downtime. Please look out for a follow-up email that will include your anticipated downtime date. On this day, your orders will not be fulfilled. If you experience any unexpected delays, please contact the ShipBob’s Merchant Care team.

 Along with eCommerce fulfillment, our new Woodridge location is equipped to handle B2B at scale. Please read on for FAQs.


How will my inventory be moved? 

All your inventory will be counted and scanned before being prepared for the move from Cicero to Woodridge. We will have a complete chain of custody during the entire process of moving the inventory, and we will move inventory in stages. Once the inventory arrives at the Woodridge fulfillment center, we will also stage, count, and scan all inventory. At any point, we will be able to tell if the inventory is in the Cicero fulfillment center, in transit, or in the Woodridge fulfillment center.

What is the timelines for inventory to be moved? 

Please make note of the following dates: 

  • April 16th - Please create all new WROs for Woodridge. 

  • May 1st - No new WROs to Cicero will be accepted.

  • Until June 15th - All current WROs en route to Cicero will be transferred upon arrival to Woodridge.

Will there be any fulfillment delays because of the move? 

We anticipate up to 1 business day of downtime in which orders will not be fulfilled. ShipBob’s Merchant Care team will work with you to let you know right away if we anticipate any delays for the day, and cover the costs to upgrade shipping if we're going to miss our SLAs.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily extending our fulfillment SLA by 2 business days. We are currently fulfilling 99.6% of orders within our current SLA and will only push orders when necessary. You will be notified if we push any orders by 2 business days. For more information, click here.

 As always, ShipBob’s proprietary software will drive expectations at each phase of the fulfillment process to ensure your orders are fulfilled consistently and with the same expectations as they were in Cicero.

When can I start sending inventory to Woodridge?

Starting April 16th you will have the ability to see Woodridge in your ShipBob dashboard. You can start sending inventory to Woodridge on April 16th. Please keep in mind the same SLAs apply in Woodridge for new WRO receiving.

When will the Cicero fulfillment center stop shipping orders? 

June 15th is the last day we will fulfill orders from the Cicero fulfillment center.

How will this new location affect shipping zones and transit times?

It will not have any impact on shipping zones and transit times.

What happens if you move my existing inventory from Cicero to Woodridge, but my new or replenished inventory arrives in Cicero after that? 

We will move your new or replenished inventory to Woodridge shortly after it arrives in Cicero for all existing WROs up until June 15th. All new WROs should be created and sent to Woodridge. Please contact ShipBob's Merchant Care team if you have a conflict with the June 15th deadline.

If for any reason the order is forced to be split and is shipped partially from Cicero and partially from Woodridge, ShipBob will also cover the incremental cost. 

If new inventory doesn’t arrive in Cicero by June 15th, 2020, you will be responsible for the cost to reroute it to Woodridge.

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