ShipBob has created a new RESTful Developer API Platform that will allow partners to integrate with our fulfillment technology. This API allows our integration partners greater access to ShipBob’s customer base. It will also standardize the data flowing in and out of ShipBob’s system to ensure a seamless customer experience.

ShipBob's API includes the following APIs:

  • Authentication: ShipBob leverages OAuth2 hybrid flow for a high degree of security.

  • Channel API: Used to list “channels” which you have access to – which is a specific installation of your application for a user. You will use this channel ID for every subsequent API call.

  • Products API: Used to create and retrieve product records in ShipBob.

  • Orders API: Used to create and retrieve master orders in ShipBob.

  • Shipments API: Used to retrieve fulfillment information for shipments.

  • Inventory API: Used to retrieve inventory information for items in ShipBob FCs.

  • Receiving API: Used to create and retrieve warehouse receiving orders in ShipBob.

  • Returns API : Used to create and retrieve returns.

To learn more about the new API and get your questions answered, please refer to our new Developer API documentation.

Note: As part of our new Developer API, we will eventually be sunsetting our legacy API. We will continue to support that API until February 15, 2023, so we encourage you to build into the new API. 

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