Every box/pallet that arrives at a ShipBob fulfillment center must have a Warehouse Receiving Order (WRO) or associated tracking number. Learn how to create and attach a WRO correctly here. WROs are essential for our team to identify shipments and accurately receive inventory.

When incoming shipments cannot be received within our usual turnaround time due to missing/inaccurate information we will hold the receiving process and move the boxes/pallets to an on-hold receiving status. This will create an Unidentified Receiving Order (URO). Every order in On-Hold Receiving is assigned a URO Tag number

Please note: We will dispose of any un-linked URO automatically after 90 days.


Pricing No WRO/Return UROs

  • URO initiation fee: $25 dollars when a URO enters the system.

  • Daily URO fee: $25 dollars for each day a URO remains unresolved. The daily fee will be calculated from 12:01 a.m. local time each day. For UROs entered into the system before April 19, you will be charged for each day after April 19 that the URO remains unresolved.

Pricing for WRO Overage UROs:

  • No charges for the first 72 hours of URO creation

  • Daily URO fee: $10 dollars for each day a URO remains unresolved, post the initial 72 hours.

SLA: Once the WRO is linked to the URO ID, your inventory will be received within 3  business days.

*Read more about our receiving fees here.


There are several reasons for an order to move to on-hold receiving status and be assigned a URO:

  • Box/pallet arrives at the FC with no WRO information or associated tracking number. 

  • Additional items in the box/pallet that are not stated on the WRO.

  • If the quantity of any SKU (or any SKU in the box or pallet) received at our fulfillment center is either 10% greater, or at least 25 units over the expected quantity you submitted in the WRO. The FC will URO the excess inventory.

  • Return orders that are not properly marked (tracking ID/RMA) or contain items that are not part of the return order.

  • Box/pallet arrives at the FC with the wrong barcode.

  • Items marked as digital or merged are part of the WRO. 

  • Box has already been received (=same label on multiple boxes).

  • Multiple SKUs in the same box that are very similar and are not labeled.

  • A box/pallet that hasn't arrived within 28 days from the first box/pallet of the WRO will get canceled. If it arrives after 28 days it will go through an on-hold receiving process.

Processing an On-Hold Receiving Box/Pallet: 

If one of your boxes/pallets receives an on-hold receiving status, you will be notified via email. You can see all boxes/pallets that are in on-hold receiving status and their URO ID #s from the ShipBob dashboard. Click on Inventory and then click on On Hold Receiving.

In cases that our FC teams cannot identify the merchant account that the inventory belongs to, the process of linking the box/pallet to the account will take longer and affect processing time and fees applied.  

If you receive notification about an on-hold receiving box/pallet, please perform the following steps:

  1. Make sure that the box/pallet belongs to you. Each URO can come with multiple label and item images that the operations team will update for your review. The images can be reviewed by selecting the highlighted links under each category. If the items are not yours, click on the Not Me link under the Action column to un-associate it from your account.

  2. Create a WRO for the shipment and link it to the URO ID in the ShipBob dashboard by clicking Link WRO under the Action column. fill out the WRO and the box number associated with this box/pallet, (this is mandatory) and then click Save. Only WROs in Awaiting Arrival status can be linked to UROs.

Note: Even if the WRO already exists on the ShipBob dashboard but wasn't physically attached to the box/pallet, the box/pallet will move to on-hold receiving status and you will have to link it to the URO ID

Once the WRO is linked to the URO ID, your inventory will be received within 3 days.

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