Use this page to specify your account settings including contact details, company information, payment method, shipping options and more. To access your account settings, from the ShipBob dashboard, click on Your Account button on the left-hand bottom side of the screen. 

Learn more about each tab under account settings:

  • Profile

  • Company Profile

  • Payment Details

  • Ship Option Mapping

  • API

  • Store Management 

  • Packing Slip Logo

  • Subscriptions

  • Manage Users

  • Shipment Settings

Update Profile

Under the Profile tab, you can update the following information:

After you have finished updating your profile, click Save.

Change Password: Change the password to your account by clicking on Change Password button. Insert a new password and re-type it to confirm then click Save.  

Company Profile 

After you have finished updating your company's profile, click Save.

Note: If the company name field is empty, the name on the packing slip will be the first and last name (as it appears under Account Settings > Profile).

Payment Details

Under the Payment Details tab, you can update your credit card information. Please make sure you fill all fields accurately to avoid future issues with the invoicing/billing process. 

After you have finished updating your payment details, click Save.

Ship Option Mapping

Ship Option mapping allows us to match between your e-commerce store shipping options to ShipBob's shipping options. For example, if you provide Standard Shipping and 2-Day Expedited on your store, you should map both options in ShipBob dashboard so we can fulfill orders accordingly. Click here to learn how to update Ship Options.


Under the API tab, you can perform the following actions:

  • Access ShipBob's API Documentation

  • Define Zapier Integration -  allows you a code-free integration with third-party systems such as email marketing, CRM, social media, etc. Zapier is a web solution that allows seamless integration between applications.

  • Purchase and enable WooCommerce Tracking Plugin - relevant only to customers with WooCommerce store. 

Store Management 

Under the store management, you can see all stores integrated into your account. In addition, you can choose to Auto fetch orders by checking the box next to each store integrated into your account. If you choose to Auto Fetch orders ShipBob will automatically sync orders from your store every 2 hours.

Add a custom logo. Upload your logo on this tab to update your packing slips with your own logo. 

 Once you finish uploading your logo, a success message will appear on the top-right corner and your custom logo will appear as the Current Image.


Under this tab, you can define your email notifications preferences. 

Mark the box to get the following email notifications:

  • Weekly Summary

  • Invoice Reminder  

Email Topics:

  • Account Management 

  • Business to Business 

  • Onboarding

  • WRO Notification

Choose which users from your organization will receive updates by checking the relevant box.

Add User

1. Enter the email address of the user and click on Invite Account.

2. The user will receive an invitation to join the account via mail. accept the invitation to proceed. You can resend the invite using the resend button.

3. Manage the user by changing roles, each role provides the user with a different set of permissions.

You can also remove the user by clicking on Remove Account. Note: you can only remove users from your account after they approved their invite.

Shipment Settings

If you don't want ShipBob to make any corrections to orders addresses you can change your account settings and disable this feature. You can disable for US orders, non-US orders or both. That means that as long as we can purchase a label we will ship the order and will not make any overrides or corrections to the address. Read more here

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