A clean sweep action is used when you want to re-import orders from your e-commerce platform. Once you clean sweep an order it will be removed from ShipBob dashboard so you can re-import the order without creating a duplicate. 

You can re-import orders manually through our sync process or allow them to automatically import based on the integrations sync cycle. See "Sync, Import and Create Orders" for more details.

Important Notes:

  • Orders in Exception/On Hold/Processing (not picked)/Canceled status can be clean swept.

  • Orders in Processing-Picked/Processing-Packed/Completed status can't be clean swept and the action will fail.

Clean Sweep Orders: 

From the ShipBob dashboard click on Orders on the left-hand side menu. Apply filters to ensure you only clean sweep the right orders.

Select individual orders by checking the box on the left side of each order or select all orders (orders that meet the filters applied, across pages).

On the top right-hand screen click on Actions then choose Clean Sweep Orders from the dropdown list.

A pop-up message will appear asking you to confirm you want to proceed. To continue click Clean Sweep Orders. 


Please wait until you receive an email with the subject Clean Sweep Action Summary before performing any other actions on your orders. 

Note: clean sweeping can take 10-15 minutes to complete (depending on the number of orders). If you have not received the email with the summary after 15 minutes, please contact ShipBob support. 

Once you receive the email, check to see how many orders were successfully clean swept. If orders in your selection are not eligible for clean sweep, the email will provide a list of order IDs that could not be clean swept.

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