The Billing page was designed to present relevant billing information in the most intuitive way. From the ShipBob dashboard click on Billing.

ShipBob has 4 types of invoices: 

  • Shipping: All charges regarding orders and return orders fulfilled by ShipBob.

  • Storage: Monthly storage fees.

  • Receiving: Any fees associated with receiving WROs at a ShipBob FCs.

  • Additional Fees: All charges that do not fall into one of the above categories, such as per pick fees.

Invoices and payments displayed separately: Each row on the billing page reflects an invoice or a payment, also displaying declined payments.

The Balance column: Displays your outstanding balance, at the time the last invoice was generated or the payment was completed.

Credit: In the right corner, you will see your aggregate amount due at the end of the day. This amount increases throughout the day as more orders get fulfilled, even if an invoice was not yet generated, whereas the Balance column only increases when an invoice is generated. 

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