ShipBob seamlessly fulfills store orders with a guaranteed 2-Day Express Shipping. Using the ShipBob 2-Day Express program adds a new shipping option to your checkout that is only displayed to customers with a shipping address within the areas of coverage. This means you can offer guaranteed 2-day shipping to your customers who live in the surrounding area of the ShipBob fulfillment centers your inventory is in. The zip codes included are determined by ShipBob, using its partner carrier networks. Note: 2-Day express refers to 2 business days. 

How Does it Work?

Once we enabled the 2-day express program for the merchant. We take into consideration 2 things: 

  • Qualifying zipcodes
  • Inventory in hand

This allows ShipBob to make sure we can deliver in 2 days or less.  At checkout, the customer will see a 2-day express as one of the available shipping options. Pricing will be determined according to the cart rules that apply (decided by the merchant).

2-Day Setup

Currently, ShipBob 2-day express program is only available for merchants with Shopify and WooCommerce e-commerce stores. 

  • Shopify Setup: To allow 2-day on your Shopify store you need to enable CartBob (Carrier Calculated Shipping app), please follow instructions here. Once enabled reach out to our merchant care team to enable you for 2-day.
  • WooCommerce Setup 

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