While ShipBob's standard packing offerings will ensure your orders are delivered safely, we understand that some products may best fit in custom packaging containers. Custom packaging materials should be sent to any fulfillment center and stocked as an item (part of your inventory).  

Custom Packaging Request:

  • Note: Items shipped IN one of your custom boxes should be marked as following:
  • Create a WRO to ship to items to ShipBob fulfillment centers.
  • Create bundles or rules to add custom packaging SKUs for necessary items/item combinations.

Note: If the same custom packaging request applies to all orders, send an email to support@shipbob.com and we will create a rule to automatically add the materials to all orders.

Once the packaging materials received into your inventory, they will begin to ship with orders automatically. Before the new material arrives orders may move to exceptions. If needed, you can edit the order details to remove custom packaging items and move these orders into Processing. We will ship with our standard packaging until we receive your custom packaging materials. 

For more information or to help facilitate your special packaging needs,  please contact your account executive or our merchant care team!

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