For each inventory item, you can set a default action for returned items. Available actions are: 

Note: If you do not set an action for a given item, it will automatically default to restock.

From the ShipBob dashboard click Inventory >> Products, then click the relevant Inventory ID. 

Scroll down to Return Preferences panel. From the top drop-down, choose the relevant return action. Note: For apparel, we highly recommend selecting the quarantine or dispose options due to the difficulty of inspecting each garment accurately for wear and tear.

 For restock requests, you will also be asked to set the following:

  • Backup Action: If an item fails inspection instructions, it will be subject to a “backup action” - either quarantine or dispose. This can be set on a per-inventory item basis, ONLY for restock requests. If you do not set a backup action, the default will be to quarntine the item failing inspection.

  • Instructions: The instructions you would like our staff to follow when inspecting a return. We recommend 1-2 step inspections. Read more about what is included in ShipBob's standard processing fees.

Important Notes:

  1. If you have complicated or detailed inspection steps, ShipBob reserves the right to change your returns processing fee.

  2. If you do not set inspection instructions, the return will be inspected and restocked at the discretion of our receiving team

  3. Vague or confusing instructions will likely not be followed to the merchant’s satisfaction. It is wise to keep instructions clear and concise - the ShipBob FC associate will have to “confirm” steps have been followed.

Once finished, click Save.


All quarantined items will be converted to a single product and will show on your ShipBob dashboard as follows: Quarantine_CompanyName.

  • Quarantined items will not be picked for future outbound orders, but can be requested to be sent back to you, or another location, by placing a B2B/B2C Order for the quarantined item (with your company name in place of “CompanyName”).

  • Each merchant can have 1 or more quarantine locations per fulfillment center and will be charged the appropriate storage fee for these locations. 

  • Quarantine items can't be shipped to international addresses.

After 30 days of us creating a storage location for your quarantined items, you will get a notification and have 7 business days to remove them from our fulfillment center. To do this, you will have to create a manual order to ship these items out of the ShipBob fulfillment center. If you do not remove the items within 7 business days after receiving the warning, we will dispose of them.


Return To Sender

You can define actions for return to sender (RTS) shipments that get returned to ShipBob by the carrier without reaching the intended recipient. The preset actions available to select from are Restock, Quarantine, and Dispose. The settings will automatically default to restock with the backup action set to dispose if not preselected.

Exporting Returns

Export your returns from the returns dashboard to systematically review all of your returns in an excel export that will be sent directly to your email address.

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