Create a Return Order

From the order details page, click on the Actions button on the top right then select Generate Return Label from the drop-down list.

Search and select the item/s you want to return.

Enter the returned quantity. Click Done to proceed.
Note: You can override the default return action This is a one-time request that will change the action performed for that specific return, for that specific inventory item. Actions are only available on a line-item basis. If you have more than 1 quantity of a given item being returned within the same box, both quantities have to have the same action associated with them. 

From the drop-down list, choose the destination FC. We recommend sending your return back to the closest FC that has the items in stock. Click Done to proceed. 

Important! Identification of a Return order. When sending Returns to ShipBob fulfillment centers, you must submit RMA and tracking ID  so our team can identify the return. Failure to do so will result in product disposal.

Reference ID/RMA

In this panel you need to enter a unique Reference ID or RMA. If you don't have an RMA, ShipBob can generate one for you! In both cases - Please ensure that the RMA and tracking are physically attached to the return.
For prepaid labels, please enter the tracking number.


  1. You can't use ShipBob return labels outside of the country of origin, we can only create return labels that ship within the same country.

  2. For returns over 10 lbs and up to 150 lbs you can select FedEx Ground as a return label option.

Review the return details and make sure they are accurate. Click Submit Return. Note: Once you submit the return, we can't refund for ShipBob labels.   

Track Return Orders

The Returns page shows all returns created for the account. Using this page you can easily view and track your returned orders and get the most updated information about their status. In addition, you can drill down to get more detailed information for each return order separately by clicking the Return ID.

In this page you can see the following information:

Search and Filters:

Use our advanced search and filters to find exactly what you are looking for:

Search and filter by 

  • Return ID#

  • FC

  • Product ID

  • Reference ID

  • Order ID

  • Tracking Number

Use our predefined tabs to filter according to the return status:

  • All

  • Awaiting: The return order has been submitted and our Fulfillment Center has not yet processed or identified the package.

  • Arrived: The return order has been properly identified and is in the queue for processing. 

  • Processing: The return order is actively being worked on according to the actions requested.

  • Completed: The return order is completed according to actions, or backup actions if it failed inspection.

  • Canceled: The return order was canceled at the merchant’s request. 

Return Summary:

You can gain detailed information for each return order by clicking the Return ID.
Using this page you can see the following:

  • Timeline: See the complete timeline for your return processing. 

  • Return Details: Specify all items that are part of the return, the action requested vs. the action take and why (if there is a difference).

  • Shipping Details: Receiving Fulfillment Center and Tracking ID#, the tracking ID is editable until the return is marked as arrived.  

  • Channel Details: Where the return is generated. 

  • Attachments: Shipping label in a PDF format.

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