The dashboard homepage is your management console. Here you can quickly access your orders, resolve important issues, and gain valuable data on your business. The dashboard homepage we'll cover in this article is the homepage for all merchants that have shipped out their first order. It has 3 main components: action buttons, top search bar, and panels.

Top bar: Quick search and navigation

Quickly search for specific orders. Type in the Order ID or the recipient email or name and then click Enter on your keyboard. 

Action buttons:

Create orders directly from your homepage. Click on the top action buttons to manually create, import, or sync orders. Learn more here.   

Notifications Panel:

The notifications panel displays the most important issues and action items you should know. Take action by clicking Resolve/View or click Dismiss to clear the notification from your panel. Read more here


In this panel, you can see important updates from ShipBob, from weather alerts to new features. Click on Read More to see the full announcement.

Fulfillment Metrics:

A quick overview of the numbers you care about most. This data can be filtered by time and/or shipping method (as they appear in your online store). For each filter, the orders included are only orders uploaded to ShipBob during that time frame. For example, if the time frame is "Last 7 Days" and the Shipping Method is "Standard," all 4 metrics will only include orders passed through to ShipBob during that time frame and under that shipping method. You can see the following data:

  • Orders Fulfilled: Number of orders in completed status. 

  • Avg Fulfillment Cost: Average fulfillment cost according to order invoice. 

  • Avg Days to Fulfill: Average number of days from the time the order was imported to ShipBob until it was labeled.

  • Avg Days in Transit: Average number of days from the time the label was purchased until the order was delivered. 

Note: If a time filter is applied for Yesterday, we will not see (in most cases) any data under Avg Days in Transit.

Your Orders:

See the number of orders by status: Processing, On Hold, Exception, Completed. 

View only B2C or B2B orders by choosing the relevant filter from the drop-down list.

Note: This panel shows all ShipBob orders (including split orders), so the numbers may not match up with the data in the Fulfillment Metrics panel. 


The inventory panel will display one of the following 3 messages, depends on your reorder point status: 

  • You have items below your designated reorder points! Take action now to ensure you don't run out of stock. Click on Send More Inventory to start a WRO. 

  • You haven't set any reorder points yet! Follow  this helpful guide to learn how to set reorder points by products and fulfillment center. Click on Set Reorder Points Now to set reorder points.

  • All of your items are above their designated reorder points. Keep up the good work! Click on Manage Inventory to view your inventory.


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