On this page, you can gain insights on the performance of your product over time/ by channel sold.

Units Sold/Shipped Performance:

  • Hover on the time ranges to highlight the data relevant to that time period.

  • During the week of 11/29/2019 to 12/05/2019 (Selected Dates), the merchant sold 4,167 units of a certain SKU which are 7.75%  of all items sold by that merchant.  

  • Previous Period: It is always the same length as the Selected Dates. In the chart above, the merchant sold 181 items from the same SKU in the previous period. In the Selected Dates the merchant sold 4,167 items, an increase of 2201.21%. 

  • Previous Year: Same dates during the previous calendar year. The merchant didn't sell this item at all. 

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