There are 3 simple parts to your quote: 

  1. Add the weight of the item and packaging in pounds or ounces (Is your total 1 lb or higher? If so, you will need to calculate dimensional weight).

  2. Select the fulfillment center you will be using, (e.g. Chicago) look at the map color of the destination.

  3. Go across the weight range in the table to the matching color. 

  4. That is your total fulfillment cost.


Jake Peralta from New York is sending an over sized teddy bear as a gift to Amy Santiago who is currently visiting Chicago. What is his total fulfillment cost when ShipBob ships out his order?

Weight of over sized teddy bear = 4 oz.
Weight of packaging (we choose a big box (12x12x12) to accommodate the bear) = 14.70 oz.
Total Weight= 18.70 oz.

In this case, due to the product weighing over 1 pound, dimensional weight comes into play.

Under 1 lb :Use item weight.

1 lb or above: Use Dimensional Weight.

Domestic dim. divisor is 166.

Dimensional weight is 10.4 lbs. which is 166.4 oz.
(we do not use the actual weight of 18.70 oz.)

If we look at the New York Zone map, Chicago,IL is green, so we go across the second row to Zone 5, the green column.

Jake's Total Fulfillment Cost to ship out this order is $38.03

Note: The price increases due to Dimensional weight. This is a rule set by all carriers in the United States. 

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