The Inventory Status page provides detailed information about your product inventory levels at ShipBob. 

From the ShipBob dashboard click on Inventory and then choose Inventory Status.

Page Overview: 

  • Search Bar: Search for a specific product by product name or product ID. Click Reset Filters to clear searches. 
  • Column Filters: By clicking on the filter sign on the header of the following columns - ID, Item Name, Store SKU, Balanced Inventory - you can apply different filters to create the desired view. Click Reset Filters to clear filters applied. 
  • Export to Excel: Click on the Actions button on the top right screen and then choose Export to Excel. 
  • Drag, Drop, and Sort Columns: Column positions can be rearranged by swift drag and drop and all columns can be sorted in ascending or descending order. To drag and drop, select a column, drag and drop it to the desired position. To sort columns, click on the column heading.
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