Gain a better understanding of pricing for fulfilled shipments. Using the order pricing page you can see detailed information for eligible shipments.

View Shipment Pricing:

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Orders. Click on the shipment ID to see  the shipment details.

2. From the shipment details page, next to the invoice amount, click on view pricing breakdown. Note: This will only appear for shipments that are priced according to a standard pricing plan. shipments that are charged differently, will NOT show the pricing breakdown.

3. On the order pricing information page, you can see the following information:

  • A short summary of the order pricing info. For example: This order was charged based on a Dimensional Weight of 145 oz. to be shipped to Zone 5 with the ship option standard for a total price of $14.95, according to your pricing plan.


**The Dimensional Weight Calculator will appear in all cases, even if the shipment was charged according to actual weight.

Important Notes:

  • Shipment dimensions can affect pricing. To ensure the system selects the best packaging option for each order, make sure to set your packaging preferences on the product level for each item. 

  • The shipment pricing is determined according to your pricing plan. You can refer your pricing plan for the appropriate shipping option, ensuring to use the correct weight (dimensional or actual weight) by clicking View Pricing Plan button.

  • Please contact our Merchant Care team with any questions.

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