You can edit the columns in your product table to better match your specific needs. 

The default view includes following columns: 

  • Inventory ID

  • Name

  • Barcode

  • Has Serial

  • SKU

  • Platform

  • On Hand (Total Inventory)

  • FC - On Hand (A separate column for each location)

Additional columns that can be added:

  • Is Merged: Yes for items that have merged child items, No for no merged child items.

  • Store SKU: SKU information as entered in your store (Shopify and Amazon only).

Edit Columns:

From the ShipBob, click on Inventory > Products. Click on Edit Columns button at the top-right hand side. 

The default view refreshes to an editable view, in which you can do the following:

  • Remove a column: Click on the “-“ sign beside the column header in the Edit mode. In the screenshot below, we removed the SKU column.

  • Add a new column: Click on the “+” sign for the column header beside which you require the new column. You cannot select columns that are already present.

  • Click on any column that you would like to add and a small check sign appears next to it. Once you have completed selecting the columns you want to add, click on Apply. The columns will now appear in the default view.

  • You can also drag and drop columns to rearrange the view. Once you have completed editing, click on Stop Editing button to go back to the original view.

Please note that after editing, the new view is available only for the current session. In order to reopen the same view again, use the Save View feature.

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