Using the product details page you can view and edit each item details. You can use this for several purposes:

  • Edit item basic information

  • Mark item as Active/Inactive

  • Provide specific fulfillment and customs information

  • Add packaging requirements to increase consistency and reduce shipping errors

  • Create and view bundles

The product details page has 6 panels. In the top panel, you can see the product name, status, and picture.

Basic Item Information

In this panel, you can view and edit the most basic details about the item: 

  • Item Name: Item full name.

  • ShipBob inventory ID: Unique ID in ShipBob. This field is not editable. 

  • Platform Source: The platform which the product was imported from. This field is not editable. 

  • SKU: SKU is your way to manage inventory. SKUs can only be added upon syncing/creating a new product and can't be updated later. This field is not editable. 

  • Store SKU: Relevant for Shopify and Amazon integrations only. 

  • Bar Code: Add bar codes.

  • Re-Order Point The reorder point is the stock threshold in which the item should be reordered. Read more here.  

  • Dimensions (in inches): item's dimensions. If this item has been cubiscanned by our FC team, this field will not be editable. 

  • Weights: item's weight. If this item has been cubiscanned by our FC team, this field will not be editable. 

  • ASIN and FNSKU: Manage Amazon product attributes (if applicable)


Mark your item as Active/Inactive. All products synced or added manually to the dashboard are automatically marked as Active. Items marked as Active will be processed and shipped. ShipBob will not fulfill items in Inactive status; orders containing inactive items will move to exception status automatically (unless these are merged items). 

Fulfillment Information

This panel presents additional information needed for us to fulfill your items accurately. Please mark if relevant:

  1. Digital Item: SKUs that ShipBob will not fulfill. This can include online coupon codes, physical items that we do not warehouse, or other pieces of any order that ShipBob will not fulfill. Orders containing only digital items will appear as canceled on the dashboard. Read more here.

  2. Lot Item: Our lot feature will allow you to separate items based on their lot numbers. When you send us a lot item, we will not store it with other non-lot items, or other lots of the same item. Read more here.

  3. Dangerous Goods: Solids, liquids, or gases that can harm people, other living organisms, property, or the environment. Read more here.

  4.  Serial Number: A unique identifier assigned incrementally or sequentially to an item to uniquely identify it. We will scan the unique serial numbers of items when we pick your orders.

  5. Case Packed Items: Case packed refers to shipping multiple units of the same item together in a single box. Read more here

Customs Information

This information ensures that we fulfill your packages accurately internationally.

  • Tariff Information: Tariff information (code, description, declared value) is REQUIRED for any item shipped outside the US. This is the tariff code for your product type obtained from this US government website:

  • Value: The estimated value of your product you’d like to record for US customs.

  • Description: A short product description (Maximum 150 characters).

Packaging Requirements

Fill in your packaging preferences here. We will adjust our packing process based on your selection for box type. Note: Final box type will depend on the discretion of our fulfillment associates. Read more here.

Important Notes: 

  • Packaging type is directly affected by the chosen item attribute.

  • You can only choose one attribute for each item..  

  • When a product is synced for the first time, no packaging type is selected. We will put orders on-hold if you will not select packaging type.

Merge/Bundle Items

You can see if the item is part of a bundle or if it's merged. Read more about merged products and bundles

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