There are 2 steps to enable the 2-day express program for merchants:

  1. Enable Custom Calculated Rates app on Shopify (done by the merchant) 
  2.  Set up the program  (done by ShipBob)

Enable Custom Calculated Rates app on Shopify:

Check what Shopify plan you are on: Settings > Account 

  • If you are on the Advanced Shopify Plan or higher, then you already have the custom calculated rates feature. No action needed, just let us know that you already have it! 

If you are on lower plans (Basic Shopify or Shopify), Shopify’s support team can set it up for you ( for $20/month*. Note: The fee is negotiable. if you change your Shopify Basic plan to be billed annually you can get the feature for free.  Let us know when once you have enabled the feature, we’ll set everything up for you! 

Note: If you wish to make changes to your 2 day program after the initial setup, please reach out to our merchant care team with all the relevant details.

You can make the following changes:

  • Re-define tiers.
  • Update pricing.
  • Rename shipping options.  
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