There are 2 steps to enable the 2-day express program for merchants:

  1. Install the ShipBob Express WooCommerce plugin (done by the merchant) 

  2.  Set up the program for the merchant (done by ShipBob)

Install the ShipBob Express WooCommerce plugin

Use this link or 

  • Go to your Wordpress admin → Plugins 

  • Click on Add New and search ShipBob Express Rates 

Click on Install Now 

 When the installation is complete, click on Activate. Once activated, this plugin is now available under the list of your Installed Plugins. 

4. After the plugin has been activated and before you can start offering ShipBob Express rates to your customers, you must complete the following steps:

Add weights to ALL active products: 

  • Go to Products All Products, Click on the product name. 

  • Scroll down to Product Data panel → click on Shipping

  • Insert the product weight and click Update

Enable Shipbob Express shipping option:

  • Go to WooCommerceSettings 

  • From the Shipping tab, click on Locations not covered by your other zones

  • Ensure ShipBob Express Shipping is enabled, click Save Changes.  

Note: If you wish to make changes to your 2 day program after the initial setup, please reach out to our merchant care team with all the relevant details.

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