Using the products screen you can view and manage your inventory. Use this page to add new products, edit existing products, see inventory history, check inventory status and perform various actions.  

Watch this short video or read on below to learn more about your account's product page. 

Use the top search bar to search for inventory items, view their details and perform different actions. You can search according to the following attributes: Inventory ID, Name and SKU.

Click on Reset Filters to clear the search.

Click here to learn about our advanced filter options.

Preset Filters:

Products Table:


By clicking on the green Actions button we can perform the following actions:

Choose the relevant inventory IDs by marking the box on their left side. Then choose the relevant action from the drop-down list. 


For additional information click on the More button and choose one of the following options:

  1. Inventory History: Access the Inventory History page 

  2. Inventory Status: Access the Inventory Status page.

  3. Download Inventory Form: Generate and Download a PDF with detailed inventory information.

  4. Download Complete Inventory: Download an Excel sheet with complete inventory information.

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