Automatic Processing Pause is a new feature that allows merchants to automatically put ALL orders on-hold indefinitely until they decide to move the orders to processing. Once the order is released from on hold ShipBob will process them as normal. Automatic Processing Pause will also be a new on-hold reason and will be displayed on the orders page and shipment details page. You can filter all orders that are currently on-hold with reason ‘Automatic Processing Pause’ to fetch all relevant orders.

By default, this feature is disabled, which means that orders syncing to our dashboard will immediately get fulfilled (If eligible and according to our regular SLAs).

Important Notes:

  • This will apply to all orders in the ShipBob dashboard (manual/store orders/excel uploads).

  • Orders placed on-hold automatically will act similarly to manual on-hold.

  • Disabling this feature will NOT release current orders on hold.

  • Releasing orders from automatic on-hold can be done from the UI (the same as releasing manual on-hold orders).

  • Orders will still accumulate other on-hold reasons if they apply.

  • When placing orders automatically on-hold we don't reserve inventory for these orders.

Enable Automatic Processing Pause:

From the ShipBob dashboard click Account Settings >> Shipment Settings.

Under the Shipment Setting tab, click the checkbox then click Save Changes.

To disable the feature, simply remove the check and click Save Changes.

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