Note: This integration is currently enabled upon request. Please reach out to our merchant care team for more details.

Returnly is a returns management platform offering a seamless return process. This integration will allow merchants that are using Shopify and Returnly to directly sync returned orders to the ShipBob dashboard.

To setup ShipBob-Returnly integration please follow instructions on this link.

  • ShipBob will sync all returns placed on Returnly with one following status: "in_transit" and "authorized" to the ShipBob dashboard. This includes any old returns that are eligible! so please make sure status is updated before syncing returns to ShipBob.

  • ShipBob will not sync updates/changes to returns already synced to our dashboard. For example, If a merchant updates an RMA in Returnly those updates will not be synced with ShipBob.

  • ShipBob will not postback return information to Returnly.

  • This integration does not support tags or returns with multiple tracking links. Note: Tags or returns with multiple tracking links will not be imported to our dashboard.

  • During setup, you will need to select one FC to ship all returns to. You can only select one FC. This can be changed from our integrations tab at any time.

  • If you are a Returnly Annual Plan member, Returnly offers an Auto-Settlement feature with shoppers after a configurable period expires. This feature allows merchants to automate RMA processing that would otherwise be done manually. If you are interested read more here and contact your Account Manager.

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