ShipBob app store features all apps that are currently integrated with ShipBob. Here you can find apps that will help you grow your business.

Third-Party Integrations Vs. ShipBob Built Integrations

In our app store, you will find integrations that were built by ShipBob as well as integrations that were built by external partners. The difference between the two is that for third-party integrations, ShipBob does not own or maintain these integrations and makes no guarantee as to performance. In addition, while the installation of ShipBob built integrations is done directly from the dashboard for third-party apps you will be directed to the partner website for further instructions and information.

See all third-party integrations including support details here.

Quick Setup Vs. Integrations Tab

From our app store, you can see all ShipBob built integrations and install them immediately by following the installation instructions. You can find all our installation guides here.

Note: Some integrations are part of quick setup flow and some aren't. The installation for integrations found under quick setup will look different than the others (all installation guides can be found here).

Installation Flow:

From the ShipBob dashboard, click Integrations on the side navigation menu.

In this screen, you will see a list of all apps & integrations (ShipBob built & third-party). You can browse through all apps or search for a specific app using the top search bar.

Click on Learn More to see detailed information about each integration. Click on Get App to proceed with the installation process.

For third-party integrations, once you click on Get App you will be directed to the partner website for additional instructions.

For ShipBob built integrations, once you click on Get App, you will either be directed to continue installation via quick setup or start the installation process from within the app store. Follow the instruction as described in these guides.

Once the integration is installed you will see it as ACTIVE under the integrations tab.

Note: This only applies to ShipBob built integrations, third-party integrations will not be shown here, even if active.

Settings and Configuration:

If you want to view or change any settings or configurations set during the initial setup, click the Launch button.

In the following screen you can do the following:

  • View previous sync jobs

  • Manually sync information

  • Configure connection settings and sync schedule

View the previous sync jobs

You can see all previous data sync. Every time ShipBob is syncing information a log will appear under Sync Logs. If no sync has occurred yet, you will see a progress bar with the title No activity yet.

Manual sync

By clicking the Sync Now button, you will immediately sync everything that is configured in your connection settings.

Configure connection settings and sync schedule

  • Connection Settings: Clicking this link will allow you to view the current settings you defined, including which data is syncing using this integration. You can modify these settings at any time. As each integration is different, please read the relevant integration guide for more details.

  • Sync Schedule: Clicking this link will allow you to view the current schedule you defined. You can modify the schedule at any time. From the drop-down list select how many times you want ShipBob to sync your data. You can also choose to Pause all future sync using the toggle below. Please note that by default the toggle is ON, meaning ShipBob will NOT sync data. If you wish to sync data and please make sure the toggle is OFF and select to the desired schedule from the drop-down.

Uninstall Integration:

To uninstall an integration click the Launch button.

Now, click on the Connection Settings link on the top-right.

Scroll down and click the Uninstall button.

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