This report is only available for merchants that have a Shopify store integrated with ShipBob. Here you can view profitability for every different order combination.

Please note: In order for this report to display accurate data you will need to fill in the cost of goods sold (COGS) in the bottom table.

Enter each SKU's cost so we can calculate your profitability analysis.

At the bottom table, you will see a list of all your SKUs. For each SKU enter the cost and click Save.

Profitability Analysis

At the top table, we will display each available order combination from the last 30 days (that was synced to ShipBob), identical combinations will be aggregated.

Item Revenue: Total Order Amount - (Shipping Price + Tax+ Discounts)

Shipping Revenue: Shipping Price

Net Revenue: Item Revenue + Shipping Revenue - Taxes - Discounts
Fulfillment: Fulfillment + Shipping + Additional Pick Fees (if any)
COGS: Cost of Goods Sold (as entered at the bottom table)
Profit: Net Revenue - Fulfillment Cost - COGS

Orders: Total number of orders with the same order combination

Profit/Order: Profit amount per order

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