To manage your orders quickly and easily, you can now perform order actions in bulk. From the orders page, you can select all orders or specific orders. You can also create a custom filter and select all orders under that filter.

Available Bulk Actions:

Note! Some actions will not be available for certain orders. For example, you can't move orders to on-hold if they are already picked. To read more about each action click on the relevant link above.

Select Orders

Please make sure to select the right orders BEFORE performing any actions!!

From the ShipBob dashboard, click on Orders.

Select the order(s) you'd like to perform an action on.

Click on the Actions button at the top-right side of the screen, then select the relevant action from the drop-down list.

Note! To select all orders under a specific filter check the top box and then click on Select all button.

Summary Email

We will send you a summary email once the requested action is completed. The summary email will include detailed information about the requested action and whether it was successful or not. In case one or more actions had failed the email will include the failure reason for each order.

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