ShipBob has partnered with Happy Returns to allow merchants to automate return authorizations, and allow the physical items to be either sent back directly to ShipBob fulfillment centers or dropped off at any of 1000s of Happy Returns in-person Return Bars.

Overview of the integration

Return Notices Created Automatically

When products are shipped back to a ShipBob warehouse, the Happy Returns integration creates a return order within the returns section of the ShipBob dashboard. These return orders are necessary for ShipBob’s fulfillment team to accurately identify, unpack, and take action on the return based on your specifications.

NOTE: Returns of bundled items are not supported by Happy Returns at this time.

At this time, the integration supports having all of your returns going to 1 Fulfillment Center. If you would like to have your returns go to multiple FC’s, you can let Happy Returns know that this is something you may want in the future and they will let you know if it becomes supported at a later time.

Return Bar items are sent back for restock in bulk

When you use Happy Returns' Return Bar feature, customers bring their physical items to one of the 1000+ locations. At that point, the Happy Returns team warehouses the items until there are 10-20 in total, then sends them all back in 1 box as a standard return to ShipBob. This approach can save merchants time and money in return shipping!

Delivery and Arrival

When the package is marked as delivered by the carrier, your return will show as complete in Happy Returns.

NOTE - this does not mean that ShipBob has confirmed arrival. Confirmation of arrival is a separate process and can happen ~1 business day after the carrier marks as delivered. This means that your ShipBob Returns page might still show “Awaiting” status.

Once ShipBob has identified the package and marked it as “arrived”, it will be processed according to the SLA (service level agreement) for return orders (read more about ShipBob returns policies here).

Setting up your integration

Step 1: Ensure your e-commerce store is synced to ShipBob

This integration relies on product identifiers from your e-commerce store being synced accurately to ShipBob. For Shopify customers, you must ensure that your Shopify store is linked to ShipBob before onboarding.

Step 2: Partner with Happy Returns

Please contact to get started if you do not yet have a Happy Returns Account. Support will send you a link to complete the configuration process and notify you upon completion.

Step 3: Sign into ShipBob using the link provided and enter your email address and ShipBob password to finalize authorization

Step 4: Next, create a channel to identify the store you are integrating and select “Allow & Install” to grant Happy Returns to use your data.

Once access has been given, Happy Returns will complete the ShipBob configuration process and you will receive a notification upon completion.

Step 5: Finish Onboarding with Happy Returns

Some information is still needed to finalize the integration setup. Please confirm your store’s channel ID & ShipBob’s channel ID in step 4. Send this information securely to your Happy Returns onboarding manager to finish enabling the integration.

ShipBob Returns Preferences

ShipBob offers several return actions that you can set on the product level: Dispose, Quarantine, and Restock. If you don’t select anything, we will default to Restock.

When packages arrive opened or damaged, we will not restock and instead will take a backup action (either Dispose or Quarantine). You can set this preferred backup action, along with your returns inspection steps, in the ShipBob dashboard on your product details page (read more here).

Troubleshooting and FAQ

Why are my returns complete in Happy Returns but still in ‘Awaiting’ status in ShipBob?

Happy Returns relies on carrier scan data or confirmation of receipt at a Return Bar, whereas ShipBob relies on a brief physical identification of the goods to mark them officially “arrived”. If they are not arrived in ShipBob but marked as delivered in Happy Returns, this could mean either:

1) ShipBob cannot identify the return. In this case, please look in the “On Hold Receiving” section of your dashboard. If it is not there, please contact with the tracking number and RMA.

2) The carrier delivered in bulk and our ops team is still working through marking each individual package. In this case, it should be marked as “Arrived” in 1-2 days.

What if I’m missing a return in ShipBob?

Return orders are created for each mail return and each bulk shipment of Return Bar items. If a return order is missing, please contact the Happy Returns team to troubleshoot. In the meantime, it may be helpful to manually create the missing return order with the correct tracking info and RMA to ensure no delays in processing.

What if I have more than 1 e-commerce store connected to ShipBob?

Currently this integration does not support more than 1 e-commerce store.

What if I need help setting up the integration?


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