Overview of the integration

Orders created automatically

Based on the rules you set up in your CIN7 account, orders will flow to ShipBob either automatically or when manually pushed.

Tracking and serial number sync’d to CIN7

After your orders are fulfilled by ShipBob, CIN7 will update the tracking number and (if enabled) the serial number of the items on the order. Serial scanning is an optional feature of ShipBob’s that carries extra fees - see here for more information.

Warehouse Receiving Orders (WROs) created automatically

CIN7 can automate creation of WROs, which are required to notify ShipBob of inbound stock replenishments.

Note - currently these will all be created as 1 box.

Inventory Sync

ShipBob's inventory counts will be automatically synced back with CIN7 so the fulfillable quantity will be accurate across platforms.

Setting up your integration

Step 1: Partner with CIN7

If you don’t yet have a CIN7 account, please contact them here and get one set up. If you already have a CIN7 account, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Request your ShipBob API tokens

Please fill out this form and request a “PAT” API token for your ShipBob account. Couple of notes:

  • you must request on behalf of your account’s admin user. For example - if you are jim@dundermifflin.com but the admin on the account is michael@dundermifflin.com - please specify that the token requested is for michael@dundermifflin.com

  • You do not need to request Sandbox credentials. CIN7 already has sandbox access and will be testing your integration with their pre-existing credentials.

Step 3: Give your API token to CIN7

Send your ShipBob PAT token to 3PL@CIN7.com to get the CIN7 team to add the Shipbob Connection to your CIN7 account.

Step 4: Testing

Once the integration is complete, CIN7 will test it and provide instructions if further steps are needed. After testing, you’re all set!

Support & Troubleshooting

Any customer-related issues to do with a previously-enabled CIN7-Shipbob connection can be sent to 3pl-support@CIN7.com

Any queries, questions or requests about the Shipbob integration, or adding it to a CIN7 can be sent to 3pl@CIN7.com

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