Welcome to the ShipBob Growth Plan — the self-service onboarding program for merchants shipping 0-400 orders per month. Below we’ve put together all the resources you need to get started.

Have questions regarding your ShipBob account? Ask a ShipBob expert at our open office hours sessions. For support requests, please email support@shipbob.com.

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Intro to ShipBob

First, familiarize yourself with the following information:

  1. Service level agreements (SLAs)

  2. Pricing breakdown

  3. Shipping zones (costs and maps)

Account Setup

Store Integrations (overview)

Before you send us inventory, please be sure to read through and complete these steps:

Post-Inventory Setup

Once you send inventory to ShipBob, you’ll want to review these pages and actions:

The following resources, additional services, and functionality are available for all Growth Plan merchants. For specific inquiries, please email support@shipbob.com

Pricing and billing:

Information for specific types of products:

Additional services (at an additional cost):

Miscellaneous resources and functionality:

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