If you are having a promotional sale on Good Morning America, please follow the steps below, so we can make sure your store is setup properly and the sale is successful.

Setup ShipBob-Microsite store integration:
GMA works with Simplistic that will be in charge of building the micro-site for you sale (you don't use your existing store to import promotional orders). Once the store is set you will need to do the following steps:

  • Integrate your micro-site with ShipBob (See this article for further guidance)

  • On micro-site: Set ShipBob as the fulfillment provider for all featured products.

  • Sync your products from the new site then merge them with your existing products.

  • Make sure that your ship option mapping is properly set and create a test an order to verify it works as expected (doing this prior to your sale is super important).

Reach out to the Merchant Experience team (Merchant Success Manager, Merchant Care Team, or your Implementation Specialist if you are still being onboarded).

We ask for a 2 weeks notice from your team to notify our Customer Experience team of your promotion or sale in order to prepare for the order volume. Also, Fill out this form so we can properly forecast the number of orders we will be fulfilling so our teams are properly staffed.

To make sure your promotional sale is successful please provide us with the following details:

  • How much inventory you will be sending us and how many orders are you anticipating?

  • Are you being featured on the micro-site or both the micro-site and the TV segment?

  • Are your product dimensions properly cubiscanned in our system? If you are unsure, please use your product details page to determine to confirm. Note: our box algorithm will run based on the dimensions entered, this could affect the box size of which your products are shipped. If you see any discrepancies, please let us know so we can request your products to be re-scanned.

Important Notes:

SLA: Promotional orders will be fulfilled within 5 business days from your go-live date.

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