Using the Locations page you can view all of ShipBob's FCs by region, see the current FCs that are enabled for your account, and request access to additional facilities as needed.

Distributing your inventory across ShipBob's extensive fulfillment network can reduce shipping costs and reach your customers faster (Note: additional storage costs could be incurred).

From the ShipBob dashboard, click Locations on the side navigation bar.

The locations page will display all available fulfillment centers, divided into regions:

  1. Northeast

  2. Southwest

  3. West Coast

  4. Northwest

  5. Midwest

  6. Southeast

  7. UK

  8. Canada

  9. Australia

  10. Poland

For each FC you can see the following details:


FC full address.

Special FC Attributes (if exists)

If the FC has special attributes like eco-friendly packaging, it will be displayed under the address field.

Access Granted OR Access Required

This tag singles if your account is enabled for a specific FC or not.

Access Requests

To request access for additional FCs, you simply need to click on the Request Access button at the top-right of the locations page.

A pop-up screen containing a form will appear, please make sure to fill all fields and provide as much information as possible to allow a quick processing time. Once finished, click Submit.

Important Notes:

  • You can request access to multiple FC using one form (no need to submit multiple forms).

  • FCs that are currently not accepting new inventory will not appear in the form and you can't submit an access request for those facilities.

  • Sending inventory to our non-USA fulfillment centers might require additional steps. We also currently do not ship internationally from these fulfillment centers, i.e. our Canada FC will only ship within Canada.

  • Response time for access inquiries is similar to our regular SLAs (outlined here). please don't submit multiple access requests.

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