Please read below to better understand our quality check processes when we receive and store your inventory.

  • During the receiving process (WROs) we only check for obvious damage (e.g. leaking product).

  • We always make sure we can identify the received items. If we can't, we will follow the process outlined in this article.

  • When receiving a large number of units (of the same item) we will open only one box/case to verify unit count matches the attached WRO.

  • We follow the same process for all types of products including liquids (we don't have different QC processes for different types of products).

  • If we identify a damaged item upon receipt, we will not complete the receiving process and will reach out to you for further instructions.

  • If you wish us to perform any additional quality check processes, please reach out to our merchant care team. These requests will incur additional charges.

  • Our operations staff is trained to store items in the fewest necessary locations to operate within our processes. We assume products entering ShipBob can handle any type of directional placement and we can't guarantee any specific storage placement.

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