Rules are recurring, automated procedures that can help us provide our merchants with a smooth fulfillment process. Every rule has two mandatory components: Trigger and Action. Most rules will also have Conditions. Read more about ShipBob's rules engine here.

In order to add an item to ALL your orders (e.g. marketing insert), please follow the steps below:

  1. Add the product manually to your ShipBob dashboard (Inventory → Products → Add Product). Note: This will not add the product to your store’s platform; the product only exists in your ShipBob dashboard

  2. From the products page, click on the Inventory ID number for the product you created.

  3. Scroll to the Packaging Requirements panel, and under Step 1 select “this is a marketing insert”.

  4. Click the Save button on the top right.

After creating the product, reach out to our merchant care team to request that a rule be created. Please make sure you let our merchant care team know the details of the rule, i.e.: include one postcard per order.

Once the rule is created internally, you will be able to enable the rule from your dashboard. Once the rule is enabled, you will see the product as a line item in each order.

IMPORTANT: If that product goes out of stock, orders will be placed in Exception status. Those orders will ship once the product/insert is received, or you can disable the product/insert rule to allow the orders to ship without the insert.

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