ShipBob allows you to fulfill B2C orders that have prepaid or specific label purchase requirements outside of ShipBob. For dropshipping orders, ShipBob will purchase labels on a separate account (non-Ship Bob account). Before sending any dropshipping orders you MUST “register” with ShipBob.

Important Notes!

  • ShipBob doesn't have direct integrations with any retailers.

  • To use this capability you need to integrate with one of our partners that can enable dropshipping. Optional integrations partners are Cartrover or Cymbio. Please check in advance which retailers they support.

  • Currently, we don't support packing slips for dropshipping orders. This means we can only support dropshipping with retailers that don't require packing slips.

To enable drop shipping for your account, please follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Send ShipBob the following information

Email all relevant information to

  • Your Retailer’s Carrier Account Information:

    • Carrier Account Number

    • Account ZIP Code

    • Account Country

Step 2: Send Carrier’s eligible services to the integrator (e.g. CartRover/Cymbio).

The service names must be given to the integrator as they are written below.


Supported Services

Required Information


  • Ground

  • Ground Home Delivery

  • International First

  • International Economy

  • Standard Overnight®

  • First Overnight

  • Priority Overnight

  • 2Day

  • 2Day A.M.

  • Express Saver

  • SmartPost®

  • FedEx Account #

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Company Name

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Company Street

  • Company City

  • Company State

  • Company Postal Code

  • Company Country Code

  • Account Street

  • Account City

  • Account State

  • Account Postal Code

  • Account Country Code


(Note: Invoice Information needed from an invoice issued within last 90 days)

  • Ground

  • Next Day Air Early A.M.

  • Next Day Air Saver

  • 2nd Day Air


  • 3DaySelect

  • International

  • Expedited

  • International Express

  • Retail Ground

  • Retail Next Day Air Saver

  • Retail 2nd Day Air

  • Express Plus

  • Mail Innovations International

  • Sure Post Over 1 Lb

  • Sure Post Under 1 Lb

  • Next Day Air

  • UPS Mail Innovations

  • UPS International Standard

  • UPS Account Number

  • UPS Invoice Number

  • UPS Invoice Date

  • UPS Invoice Amount

  • UPS Invoice Currency

  • UPS Invoice Control ID

  • Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Company Name

  • Company Website

  • Job Title

  • Account Street 1

  • Account Street 2

  • Account City

  • Account State

  • Account Postal Code

  • Account Country Code


  • First Class

  • Priority

  • Express

  • Parcel Select

  • First Class International

  • Priority Mail International

  • Express Mail International

  • Retail First Class

  • Account Holder Name

  • Street Address

  • City

  • State

  • ZIP Code

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

Step 3: ShipBob will create a carrier account in ShipBob (internally) and will provide you an ID related to that carrier.

You need to provide that to the integrator.

Step 4: When creating a dropshipping order the integrator MUST pass the following info in order tags.

a. order_type: dropshipping

b. carrier_registration_id: Carrier account ID we provided to you (step 2)

c. dropshipping_retailer: The name of the dropshipping retailer (e.g Target)

d. shipping_servicetag: This is the carrier service level as described by the retailer partner. E.g. for Retailer A the options might be [FedEx-Ground], [FedEx-SmartPost]. This must be passed in exactly as it appears in the carrier services list above and approved by ShipBob during registration and testing.

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