Overview of the integration

With the Pachama + ShipBob integration, available on the Shipbob Apps & Integrations page, you can automatically calculate and buy carbon credits to offset your shipping emissions from ShipBob.

Automate carbon offset purchasing

When you integrate your ShipBob account with Pachama, the integration will automatically pull all your orders every month, and calculate how much carbon was emitted. This is based on distance traveled, type of travel (air, freight, ground), and the weight and size of packages on average. Then, you get a monthly invoice for you to purchase the equivalent number of carbon offsets.

Pachama invests in vetted, high quality projects for you

Once you purchase credits, Pachama invests in projects to prevent deforestation, repopulate forests, and better manage carbon sink land. These projects rotate over time and are all third-party certified. You can read more about an example project here.

Showcase your impact to all your customers

Pachama will automatically build an "impact page" linked to your account that you can direct your customers to, or embed in your website - here's an example.


Pachama has created a third-party vetted algorithm that estimates CO2 emissions per order based on weight, size, distance traveled, type of shipping (air vs. ground), and carrier service. These amounts are summed and Pachama bills you for a specific amount of CO2 (usually expressed in tonnes) each month.

The price per tonne for the "ShipBob bundle" - which is a collection of vetted carbon-sink projects from around the world - is around $10 today, but can vary because projects are continually being ended and started. ShipBob has asked Pachama team to try to keep our pricing as consistent as possible over time.

During our beta testing, the average cost per shipped order for our merchants never exceeded $0.02, and was often much more inexpensive. If you do a lot of air shipments or international shipments, or have extremely heavy (25lb+) items, it could feasibly be up to $0.05-0.08/shipment, but that is rare.

Setting up your integration

  1. Visit the Apps & Integrations page in your ShipBob dashboard

  2. Find Pachama and click "Get App" on the listing page.

  3. Sign up for a free personal account with Pachama

  4. Create an "organization" for your company and upload your logo. Then, switch to the organization's account using this button:

5. Hit "Integrations" on the side nav. On the integrations page, click the ShipBob toggle to "on"

6. You'll be taken back to a ShipBob login screen - log in using your ShipBob password, name the integration (e.g. "Pachama") and provide consent for Pachama to read your order history:

7. [OPTIONAL] If you want, go to "Impact" on the side nav and make your Impact Page public so you can send your customers from your site!

8. You're done! Pachama will now send you monthly invoices based on your shipping history. When you buy, you'll get a receipt and your impact page will populate with the equivalent number of trees and carbon you've impacted.

Support & Troubleshooting

This app is built and maintained by the Pachama team. Please read this page for FAQs and contact info@pachama.com with any support-related inquiries.

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