Gain a better understanding of pricing for Kitting orders. Below is a list of the preset actions you can select to have performed and the associated pricing.

Pricing Per Order:

Pricing Details


Training and work station setup

$5.00 Flat per order fee

Picking Fee

$0.07 per SKU

Pricing Per Action:

Note: Price of the action will be multiplied by the number of units per kit on which it will be performed.



Construct my box/packaging


Close my box/packaging


Place item in box/packaging


Pack item in ShipBob packaging


Affix a pre-provided sticker/label/barcode


Affix a ShipBob printed sticker


Exact positioning requested for sticker/label/barcode


Remove item from package


Remove packaging or an insert


Add my dunnage to the kit


Add ShipBob paper dunnage


Construct my box/divider insert


Wrap my item


Seal an item shut with tape/sticker


Perform inspection of an item


Change Item SKU to kit SKU


Kitting Pricing Example:
If the project set asks ShipBob to create 100 kits using three products (Product A, Product B, and a custom box needed to construct kit). Here is how the charges will be assessed based on the kitting actions selected:

  • Kitting Actions Selected

    • Construct my box/packaging

    • Place item in box/packaging

    • Close my box/packaging

  • The costs associated to this work will be:

    • $5.00 (Training and work station setup)

    • $0.21 picking fee to pick the three products that make up the end-kitted product.

    • $0.56 per kit to construct the box

    • $0.20 per kit to place items in box/packaging

    • $0.04 per kit to close each box/packaging

Total cost for this kitting project is $106.00 ($5.00 flat fee + $101 for the 100 kits assembled)

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