Rush is a Shopify order tracking solution that lowers WISMO (“Where Is My Order?”) questions, sends proactive shipping notifications, and generates additional revenue by offering upsells.

Overview of Rush

With the Rush + ShipBob integration, available on the ShipBob Apps & Integrations page, you can build detailed tracking pages for your customers that include both fulfillment information (has the order been picked/packed yet?) and the delivery information typically available from carriers.

The tracking pages can become a great marketing and brand-building channel for your customers, offering contextual discounts and cross-sells where your customers eyes' already are - on their tracking info.

If you are not yet a Rush customer but are interested in learning more, please contact or email

What does the Rush integration do?

The integration between Rush and ShipBob will sync detailed status tracking information from ShipBob into Rush, where you can make it visible to your customers.

Once the customer requests shipment information about an order that doesn't yet have tracking numbers from the carrier, the app will retrieve data about the order fulfillment process directly from ShipBob. Data will be visualized on the page as pre-shipment steps.

The following fields will be synced to Rush along with timestamps:

  • Order Created

  • Order Picked

  • Order Packed

  • Order Labeled

As soon as Rush gets the tracking number, we will switch to showing the tracking events based on that.

The Rush integration is included in standard pricing, available here.

How to Install this integration:

The integration must be installed from your Rush account within Shopify. Once that's done, you will be prompted to log in and grant access to your ShipBob account in 1 click.

This integration was built and is maintained by the Rush development team and any questions can be directed to

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