ShipBob offers a wide variety of fulfillment and automation rules to help you customize the order and fulfillment experience and optimize your fulfillment needs.

📜 Network-wide Fulfillment Rules

ShipBob's Automation, Inventory Allocation, and Order-autosplit rules are network-wide rules. Because all warehouses in the ShipBob network run on the same proprietary software and SOPs, we provide you and your shoppers with a consistent experience, no matter where the order ships from.

Automation Rules enable you to customize the order experience and specify an action based on specific conditions (e.g. add an item to an order based on total $ order value.)

Inventory Allocation Rules tell ShipBob how you want your inventory to be reserved for orders (e.g. assign inventory to the oldest orders.)

Order Auto-Split Rules are used to automatically split an order before fulfilling (e.g. split orders based on a specific order combination.)

🌏 Fulfillment Rules for Global Brands

Destination-Based Fulfillment Rules were built to help you with orders from our global (non-US) warehouse locations and international orders from our US-based warehouse locations. You can specify which warehouse locations can fulfill orders based on the order's destination country (e.g. orders going to Canada should only be fulfilled from ShipBob's Ottawa warehouse location.

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