When shipping goods across international borders using a DDU shipping service, the recipient, also known as the “sold to party,” needs to pay the duties and fees associated with those goods. ShipBob does not pay for duties and fees on behalf of our merchants.

It is therefore vital when shipping inventory across an international border to a ShipBob Fulfillment Center that you ship via DDP. This reduces the chances your inventory gets stuck in customs and avoids the potential that your goods are returned back to you as ShipBob does not pay import duties on your behalf. Note: If you cannot ship using a DDP service, you can put your contact information as the "Sold To" party. You will need to be listed as the importer of records in order to handle duties and taxes owed at time of import.

Inbound Palletize Freight / Containers:

A local customs broker from the country of import must be listed on the commercial invoice in order to support the clearance. Please be sure to include the following contact information :

  • Company Name

  • Address

  • Direct Person of Contact

    • Contact Number

    • Contact email address

Commercial Invoice Example:

Note: Inbound WRO's that have ShipBob as the "Sold to" may be subject to be returned, as ShipBob is not responsible for the duties and taxes owed at time of import. All fees must be handled by the merchant as ShipBob is simply a third party fulfillment company that does not clear packages through customs

Bill-back Merchant Account:

Please note, if a ShipBob facility receives a carrier invoice for taxes owed at time of import, ShipBob will bill funds back to the Merchant account in addition to adding a 15% administrative fee. This occurs when a merchant declares ShipBob as the importer of record which is a violation of our policies.

Restricted Products and Abandonment of Packages

You are responsible for ensuring that the goods you are shipping to ShipBob’s fulfillment centers are legal to ship across international borders. ShipBob does not offer advice on what can or cannot be shipped across borders. It is best to consult a third party international customs broker.

In case your shipment is stopped at customs for containing restricted products, you may incur additional fees that are passed to ShipBob in addition to an administrative fee. If ShipBob cannot store or ship your product and rejects your goods, this may result in a delay or non-shipment, and you agree that ShipBob shall not be liable for any loss or damage as a result of such delay or non-shipment.

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