What it is: The system will automatically split orders into optimally sized shipments shortly after the order moves to Processing status, if the following conditions qualify:

  • Merchant is enabled for this feature

  • The assigned FC has enough inventory to fulfill the order

  • No other Exception or On Hold reasons apply to the order

  • The order will not fit into any single standard box on its own

Why enable this: This feature is designed for any merchants whose orders are frequently being split manually by packers at the pack station. Since the system handles the splitting, this feature ensures the optimal, most efficient split occurs every time. It also ensures speedier fulfillment processing times for large orders.

To enable system-driven order splitting, please reach out to our Merchant Care Team at support@shipbob.com.

How does it work: The order will be split into the fewest packages possible, and picks the smallest packages to use by total volume.

What about “Ship in Own Container” items: If a ship-ready item is included in the order, it may be combined with other items in the same package in order to minimize the number of total shipments. However, if the ship-ready item is too large to be combined with any other item in the order, it will split into its own shipment.

Which order types qualify: This feature will only split B2C orders. It will not split B2B orders, work orders, or inventory transfers – those orders will be packed through other processes.

Things to note:

  1. This feature does not currently support splitting into custom boxes. Merchants using the custom box adder to automatically add custom boxes to shipments should not expect custom boxes to be added to any orders that are split by this feature.

  2. The packer still has the discretion to further split a shipment if the order does not comfortably fit in the suggested packaging.

  3. Our system will not split an order into more than 10 shipments.

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