ShipBob allows you to let your customers know how soon their orders will arrive by adding 2-day shipping badges to your product pages. Products with badges indicating they are eligible for 2-day shipping are more likely to convert on your Shopify store.

Note: 2 Day shipping badges will only show for customers eligible for 2 Day Express shipping. Have questions about our 2 Day Express shipping option? Find more information here.

Before you begin, make sure you meet these technical requirements:

  • You must be a Shopify merchant and your Shopify store must be connected with ShipBob. (Shopify: Initial Setup)

  • Your store can be on any Shopify plan, you do not need to enable CCS (Carrier Calculated Shipping) to enable 2Day Shipping Badges on your Shopify store.

  • You must have ShipBob’s Shopify app, CartBob, installed (check out our Help Center article or demo video to learn how).

  • ShipBob 2-Day Express ship option must be enabled to offer 2-day shipping to all of your customers in the continental US.

After CartBob is installed, it will automatically be added as a rate in your Shopify store. If you don’t want to use CartBob for rates, you can delete the app from your Carrier and App Rates settings:

  1. Select “Shipping and Delivery” in Shopify

2. Select "Carrier and app rates

3. Click on the 3 dots next to CartBob

4. Select "Delete"

5. Repeat this for other locations

Install Shopify 2-Day Shipping Badges

Now that CartBob is setup, let’s take a quick walkthrough on how to enable product badges on your store. You can also view the demo video for an overview of how to get started.

1. Sign into your ShipBob dashboard.

2. In the navigation panel, under Integrations, click “Manage Badges”.

Select “Edit” for your Shopify store to access settings.

Customize your badge appearance, location, and preview your new badge by searching for a product name or Shopify SKU to generate a unique link to your new badge.

3.Select “Save” to finalize settings.

Need more help? You can refer to our installation guide if you need additional assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I add text to my badges?

  • Yes, you can customize the first line of your badges in the Custom text box.

Can I leave out the estimated 2-day delivery date?

  • Yes, you can choose to include or not include the estimated 2-day delivery date.

Where can I put the badge?

  • You have 3 locations for where the badge can appear:

    • Above your “Add to Cart” button

    • Under your “Add to Cart” button

    • Under your Product Name

How is the estimated 2-day delivery date calculated?

  • The 2-day delivery date will appear as 2 business days in the future if the shopper is viewing the product page prior to 12pm EST.

  • If the shopper views the page after noon EST then they will see a date 3 business days in the future.

  • The estimated delivery date will factor in US holidays.

How does the preview work?

  • Once you select one of your Shipbob products, we will generate a unique preview link that will show the badges settings you have selected.

  • The badge will not appear for your shoppers when we generate the preview link.

  • This preview is for you to confirm that the badge is appearing correctly for your site.

If the badge does NOT appear, this most likely means that you have different element names on your Shopify page. Please try one of the other locations. If none of the locations for the badge work, please reach out to your Merchant Success Manager or Merchant Care at

How will the badge look on my site?

  • The badge will take on your store’s font and font colors and have a transparent background.

When will 2-Day badging appear on my product page?

  • If you have positive inventory in Shopify for that product

  • If you have 0 or negative inventory in Shopify but continuous selling is turned on or your inventory is untracked

When will 2-Day badging not appear on my product page?

  • Badges will not appear for your product if you have 0 or negative inventory in Shopify and continuous selling is turned off or your inventory is tracked

  • The customer is not eligible for 2 Day Express shipping (ie. outside of the US or 2 Day shipping is not setup in the ship option mapping section of the dashboard).

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